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With over 20 years experience ‘RANKIN’ has become a contact of reference when accompanying clients in France. Whether buying, selling, renting or just seeking out help for your projects – our services and conveyance assistance have required your trust in the past.  Today we ask for your continued confidence as we announce a new business development.

What is the New Axe Strategy?  Challenges such as ‘BREXIT’ and ‘ONLINE France’ have required rapid company adaptation to bring you our best.  Over the spring and summer months ‘RANKIN sarl’ will be restructured to become ‘RANKIN’ under a new company denomination, working hard to provide further services for our clients and website: www.arankinfrance.co.uk

Assistance is available to list French property and deal direct without expensive agency fees (0% commission). Our marketing services make this possible for clients but we feel that further assistance could be provided at the ‘listing stage’.  Property guide values and capital gains seem to be regular concerns for vendors who feel a lack of transparency from agents.  We are therefore developing a ‘Property Coaching Service’.  This pack is set to run a long side our existing conveyance assistance services and will provide accessibility to professional information when dealing direct.

An Evolution of Assistance Your bespoke assistance requests help us to keep up-to-date about important issues in France. Our work to find the right solutions and contacts for you requires daily research.  We feel this information could benefit from a wider audience and are excited to announce a new professional role as writer and columnist.  These developments have also required RANKIN to make company modifications; we hope that these new services will improve future recognition.

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