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Anita Rankin
Our Founder and Company Director

Anita Rankin is the founder of RANKIN and responsible for having crafted the business culture, shaping and innovating for future growth opportunities.

Her long appreciation for France and entrepreneurship led her to begin life in France in 1992,  studing at Caen University.  

Since then, running successful property companies in France along with teaching and writing, Anita has gained the necessary knowledge and expertise to find the property marketing solutions and bilingual communications that we see today.

Finding a gap in the French market for a transparent “Direct Dealing Culture”,  she has simplified the process of property transactions with accompanied bespoke bilingual assistance services to suit all projects and life plans in France, without commission and saving clients thousands.

Working today also as a writer and columnist about “Property and Life in France”,   her necessary research  keeps our clients informed and connected with fast evolving situations in France, crucial for business today.

RANKIN – ‘Helping you love France even more’

Offices in Mayenne, Pays de La Loire.   

Anita Rankin