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Founded in May 2005 and based in Pays de la Loire, France, RANKIN is a trusted community market place for people to list, discover, buy and let property in France without the expense of agency commissions and hidden fees but with the necessary contacts and assistance services required.

Whether buying a châteaux or renting a holiday Gite for the week, RANKIN connects people to make their projects work in France at any price point and with our dependable customer assistance services available we have a growing community of users. RANKIN is the easiest way for people to showcase their properties to an international audience or just get help in France, whilst remaining in total control of their projects and transparency of costs.

French Property Marketing

Our Assistance Services and Support

A bilingual and dependable customer service (French and English spoken) for people with projects in France.

Providing professional help and contacts, our services can be selected from our marketing and assistance packs available or created for your bespoke requirements.

Property Marketing

Working exclusively in France to find the best property marketing solutions for sales and short term lets with 0% commission and total transparency of costs for clients. We aim to widen your contacts directly in the market place not only locally in France but internationally abroad.


Our Partners and Useful Resources

We’re dedicated to constant learning and work to share contacts and experience with our clients in the evolving market place. From French Notaires to local tradesman, our partners always have something invaluable to teach us and share with you.


Our collabortative spirit anticipates the needs of others, listens and considers the whole person”. 

If you would like to leave your comments for others to read, please send these to our contact page. Thank you for your time to help us and reassure others.

I am writing to say how much we have appreciated the services of Rankin Sarl in the process of selling our house. In addition to the emotional wrench of selling our much- loved property, the actual transaction proved to be quite complex and difficult. Selling the house whilst living in England would have been enormously more difficult without your assistance. It was a great help to know that “someone was on our side” could be at the property to meet surveyors and other people who needed to visit.

Your communications with the notaire helped us considerably and gave us confidence when working in French rather than English. When it came to the actual signing we were delighted that you were able to accompany us and once more your presence proved to be most helpful. We would be very happy to recommend your company to anyone buying or selling a property in France.

RANKIN was recommended to us and we were already aware of the great reputation. We are now in the process of selling our house and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the marketing and professional support services.

5 STAR RATING – A great estate agent, no commission and offers all the other services you need should you decide to buy a property.

J’ai eu affaire il y a quelques années avec Mme RANKIN pour un petit projet d’achat immobilier.  Malheureusement le projet n’a pas abouti pour une raison indépendante de sa volonté. J’aimerais malgré tout saluer son grand professionnalisme, ses compétences et sa gentillesse. Je pense vraiment que c’est adresse immobilière qui n’a pas son équivalent dans la région.

5 Star Rating – Whenever RANKIN has carried out work for us it has been done so to an extremely high level. The service is Professional, prompt and reliable. We have been kept up to date with progress at all times and the good knowledge of French systems has provided solutions to a number of problems. We would thoroughly recommend their services.

Anita Rankin
Our Founder and Company Director

Anita Rankin is the founder and company director of RANKIN sarl. An entrepreneur from an early age RANKIN’s concept in France began in a spare room, now since 2005 with their offices in Mayenne, Pays de La Loire, listings of property and assistance services are proposed in a new market place. She is responsible for having crafted the company culture, shaping and innovating for future growth opportunities.

Her long appreciation for France and entrepreneurship led her to begin life in France in 1992,  studing at Caen University.  Since then, running successful property companies in France and teaching, she has gained the necessary knowledge and expertise to find the property marketing solutions and communications that we see today. Finding a gap in the market for this transparent “Direct Dealing Culture” in France she aims to simplifying the process of transactions with accompanied bespoke bilingual assistance services to suit all projects and life plans in France.

Anita Rankin

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Join us and help to find solutions for our clients. Our collaborative spirit anticipates the needs of others, listens and considers the whole
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