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Paris, Ile-de-France

La vie en Rose

If you want to live in Paris, you’ll find plenty of distinct Parisian neighbourhoods to choose from, with prices varying greatly depending on the character of the area.

From the famous city-centre districts housing the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower to the banlieus and low-cost housing on the city’s edge, each arrondissement has its own characteristics and features. Paris apartments are typically advertised with their arrondissement in the description. A further division is the ‘left bank’ (rive gauche) and ‘right bank’ (rive droite) of the Seine. This means the area south (left) and north (right) of the River Seine. Approximately half the city is on each side, so the neighbourhoods vary enormously. That said, traditionally the rive gauche is seen as more artistic, bohemian and student-friendly while the rive droite is more bourgeois and sophisticated

[75] Paris – Ile de France

[78] Versailles – Mantes-la -Jolie  – Rambouillet  – Saint-Germain-en-Laye

[95] Cergy – Argenteuil – Pontoise – Sarcelles

[77] Melun – Meaux – Provins – Torcy

[91] Evry – Etampes – Palaiseau

[93] Bobigny – Le Raincy – Saint-Denis

[94] Créteil – L’Hay-les-Roses   – Nogent-sur-Marne

[92] Nanterre – Antony – Boulogne-Bilancourt

Yvelines (78) – Val d’Oise (95) – Seine et Marne (77) – Essonne (91) – Paris (75) – Seine Saint Denis (93) – Val de Marne (94) – Hauts de Seine (92)

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