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Bespoke Assistance – (bilingual service)

25,00 / 6 months

General Assistance – (bilingual service in France) is available upon subscription.  This bespoke service is to meet with your individual requirements in French and English.


Here are a few reasons why you should subscribe:

– You are looking for help with French administration.
– You need translations.
– You are moving to /or from France as an ex-pat.
– You are trying to find good recommendations and contacts in your area.
– You are trying to contact authorities in France to deal with your ID and status.
– Please find our services available upon subscription:

– Translation and Power of Attorney (sworn translations requested by quote).
– Relocation Assistance (To and From France).
– Secretarial, postal and administration service.
– Health and Insurance Assistance.
– Help with Home Utilities (Gas / Electricity / Water / Rates).
– Direct Rental and Gite Assistance.
– Coordination (with companies and artisans).
– Building Assistance for Projects or Permissions.
– Payment Assistance for your invoices (by French Cheque).

Assistance Services are available upon subscription (25€ for 6 months subscription). Once your account is open our services are available and invoiced monthly.  Cost for assistance is @ 40€ /hr with a minimum charge of 10€ / request.  All instructions must be confirmed by email or in writing.  Costs such as postage, photocopies, phone calls and travel expenses are also included in our invoices.  Retainer payments may be requested for your assistance requirements.

IMPORTANT: Check out our existing Marketing and Assistance Services  – we may already have an existing ‘pack service’ to suit your requirements ie: Home Visit / Key Management.

Please note that RANKIN is not a legal or accountancy service. We are available during office opening times and meetings are available by appointment only upon receipt of subscription.

Subscribe to Assistance in France: (all boxes must be completed if applicable)


This post is also available in: French

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This post is also available in: French

This post is also available in: French

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