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Conveyance Assistance (bilingual service)


Save thousands (0% Commission – no agency commissions) use our  “Conveyance Assistance” for your French Property Sale:

As soon as you have negotiated  the price of sale for your property, we can assist you with all the French administration required so that the Notaire can be instructed for Compromis and Completion of your sale.

  • Administration: Details will be sent to you and/or your buyer giving information about the administration legally required for the preparation of conveyance in France.
  • Verification: Your administration will be verified to see that all is valid  and in order for the Notaire.
  • Instruction: A written instruction of sale for conveyance will be prepared and sent to your Notaire by registered post along with your dossier (we can also recommend a Notaire to you should you require).
  • Coordination: During the procedure of conveyance (which can take 2-3 months to complete in France), we will assure coordination so that you are aware of any updates and messages from the Notaire. Signature meetings will be scheduled for you and further items transferred to the Notaire upon request if necessary.

IMPORTANT: During our verification and preparation of your documents, it may be confirmed by RANKIN or the Notaire that details or items are either missing or incorrect for conveyance.  To proceed with conveyance, further services or administration may be required (such as arranging Property Reports – Translation Services  – Power of Attorney) –  These items and services are not included within the Conveyance Assistance.  However, we do provide further  assistance services to help you – (see more about our services below).   Should the exchange of sale not proceed with the Notaire or parties disagree with the arrangements for the sale, no refunds can be made for our assistance services or packs provided.  IMPORTANT: A renegotiation during the procedure of sale would implicate a further conveyance assistance charge in full.

Further assistance services to help you with your property sale /and or purchase in France:-

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  • French Property Reports  Get a quote and arrangements made for your French property reports (legally required for a property sale).
  • Assistance Services (a bespoke bilingual service including “Translation” – “Power of Attorney” – “Hand-holding” and “Secretarial Services”.





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