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Everything you need to buy, sell or rent property in France direct

1. Get Started – Standard Listing


Get started with your listing  “1,  2,  3” … easy!

List your French property  DIRECT – For Sale or To Let  0% commission – no agency fees.

Standard property listings from only 10€ (2 months display).

1.   Get Started:  Login to MYRANKIN and add this product ‘Standard Listing’ to the cart 10€(go back and add to cart).

2.  Choose Products: Choose from our products below (products available) to decide how best to display your property listing and get the marketing assistance you need.

3.  List Property: Add your property information directly on our listing page >>  Your property will appear within 24 hrs of posting on our site  (working office days only). See détails below:  “What do I need to List?”.

Products available:

Some frequently asked questions to help you further:

Why list property direct in France?

  • No agency fees negotiated on the price of sale – Sell at the right price and save thousands!  Agency fees can cost as much as 6% to 12% in France.
  • We help you to deal directly with your offers and Notaire. Use our Conveyance Bilingual Assistance service to help you.  We can help every step of the way from – ‘Make an Offer’ to ‘Conveyance Assistance’ (bilingual services).

What do I need to list?

  • Price of sale (without any agency or Notaire fees included).
  • Address of the property.
  • Description of the property.
  • x5 photos of the property in jpeg format (landscape format are preferable).
  • DPE (Energy report) details if applicable.  See more about this requirement>>
  • Payment 10€ (standard listing only)

How will I receive enquiries?

  • All enquiries for your adverts will be sent to your email address.
  • Choose to manage your property leads direct or use you can use our ‘Bilingual Coordination Service’ (cost 32€) and we’ll manage your leads for you.

How can I get my listing seen further?

  • Get your property translated into French and advertised for the French market >>(coming soon)

Need further help or information?   – Please contact us here >>


Important: Before ordering our products and services, please read our terms and conditions >>






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