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Set Up & Start Up in France


This assistance pack includes:-

  • Consultation for your ‘Set Up’ & ‘Start Up’ – a meeting at our offices to discuss your future projects and relocation plans. Guidance and suggestions given to you for opportunities available in France and how to go about your administration.
  • Accountant – coordination to establish a meeting for you with a bilingual French accountant to discuss any requirements that you may have ie: – the registration of your business  – cost –  income tax déclarations (retired or working) – social security payments.
  • Bank – coordination to help set up your French bank account in France for your business or personal use as a French resident.
  • Final Consultation – a meeting at our offices to verify that your administration is submitted and correct. Guidance and contacts given on insurance and health cover.
  • Further assistance: Translation, Secretarial or Hand-holding requirements are available >> Subscribe to our Assistance Service in France >>


IMPORTANT: This service pack does not include assistance to ‘apply for’ your ID and administration requirements such as a Carte Vital – French driving licence –  Carte de Séjour, but gives you guidance on what is required for your personal projects and circumstances. Our Bilingual Assistance Service can help you further with any items required upon subscription:  Applications for ID,  Health requirements  – Translations – Secretarial Administration – Hand-holding.  Please see further information about our Assistance Service in France to help you >>

* Terms and conditions: Upon receipt of payment, clients confirm to have read and agreed to our terms and conditions as indicated on our site order page for this product and details in the service descriptions.

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