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Can I Sell or Rent my French Property privately with RANKIN?

We are a property marketing concept working exclusively to promote French Private Sales and short term rentals locally and international for our clients. A professional bilingual assistance services can help you with your requirements and client leads to get your property sold or booked. We do not work with estate agencies as our concept is designed to sell without hidden commissions and with total transparency. As long as you don’t have a sole agency contract valid for your property sale and you are a private individual seeking to sell or rent out your property, you are free to list your property with us.

Why Advertise my French Property Privately?

Agency commissions are very expensive in France and the buyer generally has to pay for these along with the fixed Notaire fees and taxes. The inflation of unnecessary accumulated fees upon sales and lets cannot be easy to recuperate. By cutting out the estate agency fees you can save up to 12% in commissions upon your property transaction keeping your price of sale more attractive in the market place for buyers. Rental commissions can be expensive too with agencies and divided between tenants and landlords. Selling or renting directly 0% commission, improves your chances of negotiation and gets more client leads to you, this widens your potential of contacts locally and internationally. The transparency of dealing with your client directly without hidden fees makes the whole process less expensive and simpler too. Our Assistance Services are available should you require help at any stage of the process. We give you the freedom to take back control over exactly where and how your property is seen, advertised and the fees you pay.

What do I need to list my French property with RANKIN?

You will need to provide us with your written description in English of your property, which we can translate into French upon request for local advertising. Your price of sale or rental information and any photos of your property that you would like included. Our Assistance services are available to help you with any marketing requirements you may need, such as your property energy report (DPE required for property with central heating systems under French legislation) and property reports in general. We do not however supply property valuations.

How will you advertise my French property?

We offer various advertising products and feature French property at shows, on international portals and in local press to get the right advertising for your type of property. You choose how and where you would like your property to be featured and promoted by selecting from our private marketing products. We work with property portals such as THEFRANCEPROPERTYSHOP and GREENACRES as well as constantly featuring local adverts where we feel clients are best targeted.

How can you help me sell or rent?

Our Assistance Services are designed to help clients in France with private property marketing. Our bespoke service products are available to you from the listing of your property for sale or rent, through to the negotiation and conveyance of sale. We work to help you every step of the way even if you don’t have a property to list with us you will find our products and contacts extremely useful with your projects in France. We give you the freedom to choose the services you need keeping costs to a minimum.

How can I see the interest I am getting for my listing?

Join us and open your account page and profile, your statistics and details will be available to you during your property listing so that you can follow your leads and analyse your property success rate. Your profile or advert can be edited or relisted directly to keep your details up to date with the evolving market place in France, presenting your property exactly how you require to your potential client leads and buyers.

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